luv-assangiebatch said: Ohh cool! Are you going to post it? Ahhh he’d still see colours because Sherlock really wouldn’t be dead, right? Aaahhhhh! I’m not a Johnlocker but this sounds quite interesting! ☆

Yeah, I just really like that idea. Oh yes, of course I’ll post it. When I eventually finish it lol ^_^

luv-assangiebatch said: Dammit you’re adorable.♡ So after TRF, would things go back to b&w for John? Would they stay b&w with Mary? Upon seeing Sherlock alive would the colors come back?

I’m writing it at the moment, and I’m thinking with TRF I’ll make it so John can still see in colour. I think it will hurt more for him to know and I take pleasure in that.

And shh, you’re adorable! <3

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