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URL: Twoharts

Real Life Name: Erin

Nickname: I don’t really have a nickname… Two?

Birthday: June 2

Gender: Female

Height: 1.69m - Same height as Martin Freeman!

Time Zone: Australian Eastern Standard Time (UTC/GMT+10:00)

Local Time & Date: 9:05pm 21/09/2014

Average hours of sleep at night: 7-ish…

Last thing I googled: Sue Vertue.

Most used phrases: ‘Like three sad’, ‘Don’t call me out on this shit’, ‘Godtiss have mercy’
But I have so many ‘phrases’. Mostly quotes and swearing. ehe…

First word that comes to mind: Fuck. 

One place that makes me happy & why: I quite like going to the city. Particularly book stores. I just really like books ^_^

How many blankets I sleep under: One.

Favourite beverage: Tea~

The Last Movie I watched in the Cinemas: The Guardians of the Galaxy

Three Things I can’t live without: Non-literally: Books, family/friends, and Tumblr.

Something I plan on learning: I’d like to learn sign language.

A piece of advice for my followers: I don’t think anyone wants advice from me. I’m pretty fucking useless…

You all have to listen to this song: Fight Like A Girl - Emilie Autumn (It’s the song I’m currently listening too)

get to know me meme: 6/10 favorite male characters.
John Watson (Sherlock)


I don’t think I’m ever gonna get to 30,000 followers, so this is a ‘nearly’ giveaway (you never know maybe by the time it’s over I’ll get there).


1-The official BBC Sherlock soft touch note book and three Sherlock quote pencils.

2-The complete Granada Sherlock Holmes with the awesome Jeremy Brett.

3-The official BBC ‘Higher Functioning Sociopath’ mug.

4-Robert Downey Junior and Jude Law’s Sherlock Holmes DVDs.

5-The Holmes Sutra book. Not what you’re thinking. The Holmes Sutra is presented (by a crazed fan) as: (a) a compilation of one hundred and sixty mantras (aphorisms/slogans/sayings - call them what you will) - some original, some canonical, some based on various print/media adaptations - aimed to make Sherlock Holmes (and his fans) smile, and (b) a test of the readers’ Holmes Mania Quotient (HMQ)- based on the resulting HMQ score, the particular condition/stage of Holmes Mania would be determined, with possibilities of a cure.’

6-The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes DVD.

7-My edits as nine magnets and 2 prints of fan art (not mine).

All DVDs are region 2 and used (I’m not that rich).


There will be three winners. Winners will be chosen by random number generator.

Winner one can pick 3 numbers, winner two and three can pick 2 numbers.

You must be following me and have an open ask. NO GIVEAWAY BLOGS I will check.

Winners will be notified when the giveaway ends on 21st Oct. If you don’t reply in 48 hours another winner will be picked.

I will ship internationally but I won’t pay insurance or customs fees.

Reblogs and likes count.

"In many ways the least sung, but most deserving hero of Sherlock: The Woman, the producer – Sue Vertue"

Happy 54th Birthday, Queen Vertue~


Get to know me meme: [2/5] Favorite actors
Benedict Cumberbatch

As an actor, you are aware of how a role can seep into your real life.


„Music is such a personal thing, such a lucky thing. When a song hits you, if it catches you, the stars have to be aligned. If you hear it at the wrong time or at the wrong age, you’re never going to fucking get it. ”  (Martin Freeman)